Get on the Ultimate Adventure


Looking for an adventure or keen to start a new chapter?

Consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? A festival hopper? Campervan King or Queen? Island babe? Or maybe you’re a history buff who is keen to take on Europe’s impressive museums and galleries?

No matter who you are, STA Travel has an adventure for every type of traveller! We’ve tried and tested some of the most beautiful adventures around the globe to help get you out of your comfort zone and into adventure mode! Some serious “must-do”, “bucket list” type stuff. Live the dream on your #ultimateadventure


Envious of all the jetsetters you see on your daily Insta feed who are gallivanting around the Mediterranean sipping on spritzers and swimming in the warmest crystal clear waters? Same. Lets do something about it! Stop dreaming and start living – it’s time for a Eurotrip baby!

Time to put down your phone because it’s your time to shine. Explore the vibrant and lively city of Paris, some of the worlds best nightclubs in Berlin, sail through the Mediterranean, test out your Spanish skills, dance in the steamy streets of Barcelona, and drink the tastiest beer in Germany. Or, for those Game of Thrones lovers explore the beautiful, mystical Croatian city of Dubrovnik! We all dream of a little John Snow lovin’ – don’t be shy.

If the beach and dancing isn’t for you, why not jump on a bus and head through Eastern Europe and explore some of the most beautiful and unique countries Europe has to offer. Tour through Poland, Budapest, Germany, Prague and Austria (the hills are aliiiive, with the sound of muuuusiiiiiiic). Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Create your own dreamy European escapade. You can hire a campervan and explore thegr assy plains in the UK where you have the freedom you’ve always dreamed of. Or, jump on Busabouts awesome hop on hop off bus and create you’re own path. Just don’t forget, along the way you MUST eat all of the French baguettes, all of the German Pork Knuckles, and alllll of the Italian pizzas. Oh, and snails…. if you’re into that kinda thang.


Think big. Think America. Think hot dogs. Think sport. Think shopping. Think #ultimateadventure. You can have it all in America. You know why? Because America HAS it all. Explore the scenic national parks, canyons and falls, be wined and dined in NYC, hike through the lush Hawaiian Islands and take a bustling tram in San Francisco. Sound like something you’re into? … We thought so. We will let you in on a little secret here; you’regoing to absolutely love it!

Always dreamed of hailing a yellow cab in the big apple and channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw? Or maybe you’re more of a met steps Blair Waldorf kinda gal- or Brooklyn lonely boy? We know you’re out there. Whoever you’re channeling, NYC is for you because well, its the city of all cities.

Again, if you’re feeling like a campervan road trip up the sun kissed, pacific west coast highway of USA, visit the fascinating Redwood National Park; take a stop at Joshua Tree or heli-fly over the Grand Canyon! Maybe even have a cheeky stop over at Las Vegas for a pool party you’ll never forget.

Wanting to stress less about the planning but still go on a wild adventure? Why not jump onto a Contiki tour and let the trip of a lifetime unfold before your eyes…without lifting a finger. Sounds like the dream!

The World beyond…

The rest of the world is a big wide place. If you’re stuck for ideas for your next #ultimateadventure, or if you think you’ve done it all – come and have a chat to one of our specialised travel experts. They’ll help you design a pathway that suits you, that allows you tick a few more countries off ye old bucket list. Sri Lanka? Brazil? Cuba? Mexico? Philippines? Japan? Thailand? India? Africa? Start your world wide ultimate adventure now.

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