The Ultimate Solo Camping Kit

As one of the worlds most trusted outdoor brands, BlackWolf have perfected their craft to create practical, durable and quality gear for adventurers looking to spend the night basking in nature’s beauty. Comfort will never be an issue when travelling with BlackWolf’s Bushranger Lite King, Super Deluxe Mat and Deluxe Self Inflating Pillow – the ultimate trio for solo adventurers.

When exploring solo, compact and lightweight gear is always a must, and the Bushranger Lite King is just that. The three poles and swag roll into a packed size of 60x20x20cm, small enough to easily fit in your hiking pack or on the back of a motorcycle. Made from a strong polyester blend, it weighs only 4kg – that’s less than half the weight of your average canvas bag.

When pitched, the swag is the same size and height as its canvas brothers, so there’s still plenty of space to relax and rest in. With optimal ventilation and bug protection for hot nights, and a weather protected end door to shelter you from the rain, the Bushranger Lite King is a premier camping buddy that you can take with you anywhere.

Unlike traditional swags, the Bushranger Lite King has been designed to accommodate an inflatable mattress. Made with a soft polycotton top and filled with anti-fungal CFC free foam, you can rest assured knowing your Super Deluxe Mat is made to last adventure after adventure. With 8.8cm of padded luxury, the Super Deluxe Mat is almost as good as sleeping in your own bed. For extra comfort, be sure to pack your Deluxe Self Inflating Pillow – it’s the perfect spot to lay your head after a long day of exploring the great outdoors.

Engineered by campers for campers, BlackWolf’s tried and trusted gear make the perfect companion for any hiking, backpacking or biking adventure. So next time you hit the road or track, make sure you’ve packed the Bushranger Lite King, Super Deluxe Mat and Deluxe Self Inflating Pillow – the ultimate solo camping kit.


BlackWolf Bushranger Lite King RRP: $299.99


BlackWolf Super Deluxe Mat RRP: $329.99


BlackWolf Deluxe Self Inflating Pillow RRP: $69.99


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