Best Countries To Visit For First Time Solo Travellers

Travelling alone can be a great way of discovering things you never knew about yourself and getting out of your comfort zone.

Medical travel insurance provider Get Going have produced an in-depth travellers manual that looks at all aspects of travel, whether it’s safety, language tips or hearing from those that have been there, perfect for anyone looking to broaden their worldview.

Top Three Solo Traveller Countries

When it comes to what to see, everyone has very different ideas and budgets. Get Going’s solo traveller index compiles a list of countries deserving of being ticked off any bucket list:

  1. Japan: Taking the top spot in our ranking, Japan is a place where ancient tradition and culture is intertwined with modern life, all amongst the most Instagram-ready backdrop. Whether you are looking to visit the atmospheric Kyoto Temples and Gardens or experiencing the neon-lit streetscapes of Tokyo, Japan has it all. Safety is a great concern to many solo travellers, so it’s worth noting that Japan also has the lowest level of crime out of all countries in the index, with the addition of being in the top 10 of the world’s Global Peace Ranking.
  2. Cuba: Rich in both character and history, the Caribbean island boasts eclectic architecture and ranks as one of the top locations for solo travel. Safety is always a high priority, backpackers can rest assured that the island is a great place to visit with a low level of crime. If that is isn’t enough, Cuba also ranked among the best in terms of price for a beer.
  3. New Zealand: Taking the bronze medal in our Solo Travel ranking, the islands of New Zealand are littered with sublime forests, imposing mountains and stunning beaches ready for any keen explorer. Backed with the highest Global Peace Ranking of all of the countries in the study which leaves you stressing less and enjoying your trip more. When it comes to the local cuisine you’re spoilt for choice, with a host of eateries.

Superstars of Solo Travel

A spokesperson from GetGoing commented ”Travelling solo is one of life’s most inspiring adventures; no matter where you do it or how it has the ability to renew a passion for understanding the world around you and all that is in it. Yes, it’s very daunting at first but that’s just part of the journey.”

“We recommend you plan in advance as much as possible but also to not be afraid to take calculated risks which is why we have devised the Solo Travellers Manual, to help first-time solo travellers, as well as seasoned travellers, embark on new adventures. Our handy guide is perfect, as it gives backpacker useful information about the destinations they’re discovering or visiting again, from the price a beer, a meal, accommodation to the best tour operators, testimonials for previous visitors to Global Peace Ranking, so they can spend their time enjoying their travels.”

You can view the full handy guide here how you’re destination fairs up in our ranking.

Travelling Solo provides travel inspiration and tips for those who Go Travel Solo.