Busabout is recruiting for the greatest jobs ever

Forget the daily grind and debating “what shall I get for lunch in the same old café?”, or those uninspiring white washed walls that greet you as you walk into your 9-to-5 office job… Because Busabout is hiring!

The free-spirited travel experts are looking for a Global Brand Ambassador and Video Producer who will embark on the trip of a lifetime to Europe for work…  shout out to the wanderlusters of the world!

The Global Brand Ambassador will be the face of Busabout and produce weekly travel themed vlogs for the Busabout YouTube channel, blog posts for Blogabout and regular social content across Instagram and Snapchat during their epic adventure across Europe. For those looking to be on the other side of the camera, the role of Video Producer requires sharp attention to detail, proven editing skills and a creative mind.

As a team they will be tasked to hunt down the tastiest Pintxos in San Sebastian, discover the best nightlife in Berlin, find the most mesmerising sunset over the Adriatic, and not to forget the iconic music festivals to cut some rad shapes to – this is the full Busabout experience and it will all be “just another day in the office” for the successful applicants.

Tina McIntosh, General Manager Busabout, commented “We know the importance of storytelling when it comes to really demonstrating what travelling with Busabout is like and that’s why our Global Brand Ambassador and Video Producer will be such an important addition to our team. They will act as an open window on Busabout as they experience our Europe product to the fullest degree whilst producing original content in some of the continent’s most amazing destinations. So if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, are addicted to social media and are ready to pack your bags and create your own adventure these could be just the jobs for you!”

Applications will be accepted from all around the world and must be received by the end of the day on March 5th 2017, for more information and to apply visit http://blog.busabout.com/brand-ambassador/

About Busabout

Every day Busabout (www.busabout.com), the free-spirited travel expert, connects travellers from all over Australia to epic adventures worldwide. Through its unique Hop-on Hop-off network in Europe, Busabout seeks to enrich the lives of guests with the choice of flexible travel. Neither a traditional tour nor a totally independent trip, Busabout’s Hop-on Hop-off network offers travellers the best of both worlds with the flexibility to experience Europe their way, the added support of door-to-door service, freedom to create a personalized itinerary, and a Busabout Guide and Driver. The brand’s modern coaches link up 46 of the best European destinations, allowing travellers to choose where they go and how long they stay at each place.


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