Contiki launches Tiki Travel Bot

Youth travel experts Contiki have launched Tiki, a chatbot responsible for helping agents and travellers navigate the brand’s eight travel styles. Contiki launched their travel styles in 2014, which aim to provide more tailored travel experiences suited to the diverse and fragmented millennial audience. The styles match trips against the interests and motivations of the travellers. 

“Our audience aren’t homogenous,” says Contiki Marketing Director, Vanessa Stavrou. “When people think of youth they’re quick to generalise, but it would be naïve to do so, it just isn’t the case.” Over the past four years Contiki’s travel styles have been received well with agents and travellers alike, who’ve found they provide an easy way to match a traveller to a trip, and as a result receive an experience that better matches their expectations.

With a quirky and relevant tone of voice, Tiki takes users through a set of questions about their personality, travel preferences and tastes, doing so through a mix of pop-culture references and internet memes. Through it’s responses – or “bot-banter” – Contiki’s bot addresses some of the stilted experiences lamented by chatbot users, creating something which is entertaining and engaging, while being useful. Once Tiki has identified the users’ travel style, it suggests a number of trips within that style that would suit them best.

But that’s where Tiki’s job ends. Unlike other firms who have released technology aimed at automating the roles of travel consultants, Contiki is acutely aware of the human necessity when it comes to destination knowledge, customer service, and booking handling that can only be provided by agents.

“Tiki is a tool that can be used to bring some fun into the research phase of travel,” says Stavrou. “It will also help agents to better understand their clients style, and give them a leg up on suggesting experiences that suit their motivations, tastes and preferences.”

Tiki is live now, available through Facebook messenger using this link.

Contiki’s 8 Ways to Travel

  • Discoverer – Go everywhere. Visit multiple countries and destinations on a single itinerary, seeing lots no matter your timeframe, and staying in centrally located hotel accommodation.
  • High Energy – Experience it all. The undisputed king-of-fun, perfect for the social butterfly. Stay in unique accommodation, like Contiki’s 16th century Chateau and Austrian Gasthof, and pack your trip with experiences to make every moment count.
  • Independent Insider – Designed for freedom. Contiki’s newest travel style, offering the most freedom and flexibility. A modular network, allowing travellers to build their own trip. Aimed at the independent traveller who wants pain points taken care of.
  • In-Depth Explorer – Live local. Covering just a single country or region, letting travellers get under the skin of culture. Less time on coach, truly authentic included experiences and centrally located accommodation.
  • Sailing, Cruise & Beach  – Sun, sea and sand. Ultimate relaxation in the sunshine, for those who love sandy toes, salty skin and the smell of the ocean. Visit some of the worlds best beaches, islands and port towns and sleep aboard racing yachts, traditional Turkish Gulets and even a millennial-only river cruise.
  • Winter & Ski – Keep it cosy. Fewer crowds, cheaper prices and a unique experience, as well as the opportunity to ski or board the runs of Hopfgarten, Whistler and Queenstown
  • Short Trips & Festivals – For life’s moments. Designed around some of the world’s biggest cultural events, and those looking to extend their trips. Short but sweet, and packed with experiences – including Oktoberfest, Hogmanay, Sziget Festival and Sydney New Year
  • Camping  – Stretch your budget. The original way to travel Contiki, saving on luxuries and splurging on the experiences by staying in roomy two-person tents while still packing in all that Europe has to offer.


Contiki trips are now on sale, save up to $660 on Europe Summer 2018, running until 28 February 2018.

For more information on Contiki’s trips throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Latin America check out

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