Fun Occasions to Visit Sydney

Sydney is a pretty hot destination for travellers all over the world.

It’s in many ways the most interesting city on the most unique continent in the world – or at least, some would certainly say so.

As much fun as it is to visit in general, however, it’s also home to a lot of fun events and occasions that make for great specific reasons to go. Keeping that in mind, here are a few such occasions that you may want to consider planning a trip around.

Big Day Out

One of the more famous Australian music festivals, this is an awesome event that actually moves from city to city throughout the country. This year’s lineup kicked off with groups like Diversity, Atomic Kitten, and Supreme Queen, though in past years it has included the likes of Kanye West and My Chemical Romance, so you never really know who might show up (or which unknown groups might be on their way to big time exposure). It’s far from the biggest urban music festival you’ll find, but it’s a fun one.

World Rugby Sevens Series

Even if you’ve never been to Australia before, you’re probably aware of the nation’s passion for rugby. Well, the Sevens Series is basically a series of international tournaments between top rugby nations, and it’s passing through Sydney these days. Last year the Australian team was expected to qualify from its pool and did, but wound up placing sixth overall. This coming season, the series is going to hit Sydney again, however, not only for the Australian team but for several international matches in January. The matches will be held at Allianz Stadium, and they’ll make for a great few days of activity for any visitor. International rugby in the heart of Sydney is certainly hard to pass up.

Mardi Gras

You probably know about Mardi Gras if you’re interested in travelling at all, because there are a number of cities all over the world that take the festive holiday quite seriously. Well, Sydney happens to be one of them! The interesting twist is that, as reported by one write-up of fun events in Australia, there’s an LGBT element to the celebrations. Oxford Street gets crowded with hundreds of thousands of revellers who are there to watch an LGBT Mardi Gras parade, and thereafter much of the crowd flocks to famous Bondi Beach for more partying, as well as to watch a Mardi Gras drag race. It’s essentially a full day and night of festivity, and well worth your attention if you’re planning a trip.

Sydney Harbour Regatta

This is another sporting event that’s a lot of fun to attend if you get the chance. It happens every March and features hundreds of yachts out on the water all at once. It’s quite something to see all the sails spread out in the beautiful harbour, and naturally plenty of people in town stop what they’re doing and watch, enjoying a drink or a coffee as they do so.

Sydney Cellar Door

This is an event that takes place annually in late February, and primarily exists to celebrate Australia’s famous wines. Basically it’s a big food and wine festival in an area called Hyde Park South, featuring not just wines from the immediate area, but from the whole New South Wales region. It’s not quite as raucous as some of the events outlined above (though rest assured there’s plenty of wine to drink), but it’s an excellent chance to try some outstanding flavours and socialise with friends, tourists, and locals alike.

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