Is travelling around Morocco safe as a solo traveller?

Occupying the northeastern tip of the African continent, Morocco is only a short 40 minute ferry from Europe, yet it’s a world away in terms of culture, language and geology.

This is a land that stretches from the Sahara in the east to the Atlantic Coat in the west, and from the fertile valleys of the north to the pink-granite mountains of the south. It’s also a predominately Muslim country, which may scare a lot people away from exploring this ancient country.

But fear not: Morocco isn’t only one of the safest countries in Africa to travel through, but it’s also perfectly suited to the solo traveller.

Here are a few reasons why…


Accommodation is cheap


Accommodation is cheap in Morocco, and you’ll be spending around $5 to $10 to sleep. In tourist hotspots like Marrakesh, Fez and Tangier, that will get you a bed in a dorm, whilst in places like Taghazout and Tafraoute, you’ll get your own room for that price. Cheap accommodation means you can afford to go it alone and you won’t need to convince another pal to come along to share the costs.


Getting around is easy


Travelling from one city to another is easy in Morocco, thanks to the country’s excellent bus and train network. It’s really cheap too, with a 2nd class train ticket from Marrakesh to Fes only costing around $40 for a 9 hour journey. Taxis are also ridiculously cheap (if they use the meter!), costing about $2 for a 15 minute ride. Unlike other countries (e.g., Iceland) where hiring a car is necessary (and hence sharing the costs), you can go it alone in Morocco.


Most travellers here will be solo travellers


There’s something about Morocco that attracts the independent traveller. Maybe it’s the unforgiving Sahara that since time immemorial has attracted those with a heart for adventure. Or maybe it’s the thrill of getting lost in the old Medinas where life has changed very little since the Middle Ages. Whatever it is, there’s just something about Morocco that attracts the solo traveller, and you won’t have trouble meeting like-minded souls on your travels here.

Have you been to Morocco as a solo traveller?


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