Stay connected when going solo

Travelling and staying connected is vital in this day and age, especially for solo travellers.

Not only do solo travellers generally rely on their gadgets to plan their next stop, book that next train ticket or secure an upcoming hotel stay, they are also much needed to pass time between destinations while travelling.

Yes, these devices come in very handy. So how do you keep them charged and running while always on the move. With so many chargers, battery packs, converters on the market, it is hard to know what to choose that will suit your travelling needs. We checked out some of the Belkin range, and was not disappointed with what they offered.

Belkin makes a range of products that come in really handy when on the road. If you want to stay connected while being mobile, then power and charge is a necessity for all your electronic goods. We have put together a travel pack of must haves from the Belkin range, so you can stay connected while out exploring the wild, including the DuraTek Lightning to USB Cable, Global Travel Kit and Surge Plus – USB World Travel Surge Protector.


DuraTek Lightning to USB Cable

DuraTek Lightning to USB Cable features Kevlar, a high strength synthetic fiber used as a reinforcing agent to strengthen the conductors and enhance protection. The drain wiring helps with added protection and insulated conductors reduce friction while creating added flexibility and protection. It’s shield-braid and metalized Mylar shielding help to protect the cable from external electro magnetic interference and the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cable jacket is soft, pliable, and environmentally friendly. DuraTek Lightning to USB Cable will last through the tough conditions you will put it through while out on the road, exploring or camping because its double-braided nylon exterior is abrasion resistant, reducing fraying and lasting longer.

Available for iPhone and iPad. 

RRP $39.95


Global Travel Kit

Global Travel Kit is the Universal charger for ALL countries that works with any device. It features 6 interchangeable regional plugs in one box for 2.4A output for fastest charging. It also comes with Belkin CEW protection up to $2,500. Global Travel Kit means you only need to carry the one charger, not have multiple ones for different countries. This means less things to carry and more space, something that is essential when travelling. 

RRP $49.95 



USB World Travel Surge Protector

USB World Travel Surge Protector has 5 interchangeable plugs for protection in over 150 countries and 2 universal USB ports (2.4A shared). The 2-Surge protected AC outlets has a surge protection indicator light. It also comes with data recovery warranty and $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. USB World Travel Surge Protector means you can charge safe, knowing that your equipment is covered from any surges (which can happen). The peace of mind this offer is worth its weight in gold

RRP $69.95






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