Why all-girl luxury getaways are perfect for female solo travellers

Now that everyone is well and truly back into their work routine, many are planning the holiday that will keep them going for the year ahead. In my experience, I see people planning as far out as 12-months in advance (sometimes, even longer) and in 2018, we’re seeing a very clear spike in ladies seeking out women’s-only luxury travel breaks.

Last year, Relax Travel & Cruise, ran an incredibly successful three-day Ladies Pink Ribbon Cruise that sold out very quickly. The feedback from the trip was overwhelmingly positive, with many women saying they wished they knew about all-girl travel many years ago. So much so that we’re now busy planning our next all-girls getaway, which will see women travelling to Hong Kong and Macau.

If you’re a female solo traveller, here’s why you need to make an all-girl luxury getaway your next big break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s a safer way to travel solo

Sure, there are some countries where travelling alone is likely to be safe and while I’m not trying to be alarmist, it’s always much safer to travel as part of a group as opposed to being completely alone. Additionally, if something doesn’t go to plan, you have the support of the group to help you through whatever challenge has come your way.

Something special happens when a bunch of ladies come together for a holiday 

In my line of my work, I’ve organised a number of trips in my time (too many to count!). It’s very noticeable that something special happens when a group of women unite for a well deserved luxurious break from their normal routine. The group dynamics are different with an all-girls getaway and there’s always a good balance of group time and alone time so that even the most dedicated of solo travellers, is content.

It allows women to open themselves up to new experiences 

I’ve heard so many stories about women wanting to travel but not having anyone to enjoy their time with. In some cases, their partner has no interest and in others, their friends aren’t at the same life-stage so they’re not ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Gone are the days when this held people back – now, there are plenty of options for people who are keen to get outside of their comfort zone but do want the added safety and convenience of travelling in a group where all of the plans have been made for them (we find the latter especially appealing to people as most women’s average day is filled with making numerous important decisions).

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury

It’s so easy to simply go through the motions, day-in, day-out. Sure, we all need to pay the bills and ensure that our responsibilities are met but the women who travel on our getaways are there to truly let their hair down and forget about their normal routines. That means enjoying exceptional accommodation, indulging in tantalising food and wine, embarking on brilliant adventures they never thought they’d have the opportunity to engage in and of course, meet new people. You may have done your fair share of backpacking in your lifetime but everyone deserves to experience a trip where they enjoy the finest that a location (or a number of locations) has to offer. We see women who save up for quite a while to enjoy our getaways and they’re rewarded with a priceless experience. 

Lifelong friends are often made

There really is something special about sharing an incredible experience with other women. Sure, you might not become best friends with everyone on a particular trip but over the years, I’ve seen the foundation of many lifelong bonds formed while on holiday. When people aren’t caught up in their daily routine, you’ll find that they’re far more open to meeting and greeting others.


If you’re a woman who’s looking to plan her next big solo trip, seriously consider a luxury all-girls getaway. You might just find that a mini-break helps to make 2018 your best year yet.


Kathy Labbozzetta is a travel consultant and is the founder of Relax Travel & Cruise, an Australian owned company providing a complete travel service to our clients including flights, tours, cruises and hotels throughout the world.