Millennials would give up Netflix, sex and their mobile phone for travel

Forget about sex, carbs and coffee, park the Netflix and chill… millennials would much rather go on adventures and explore the world.

And if given the opportunity to travel free for six months, according to a recent survey by Contiki, they would give up all-of-the-above just to jump on the next flight.

The youth travel experts have brought us some interesting findings – 83% are travelling one to five times a year, 48% travelling one to two times, 35% travelling three to five times per year.

When it comes to what they’d be willing to abandon in the name of travel – 80% said Netflix, coffee (77%), alcohol (73%), carbs (60%), sex (57%); and 41% said their mobile phone – a huge call considering 49% admit to spending 8-10 hours per day on their device.

With a staggering 73% stating they look back at life and regret not taking an opportunity… it’s clear that millennials prefer travel experiences over objects of desire, so what does that mean for your readers this Christmas?

Give the gift of travel and buy loved ones something that they would really want, like a Contiki gift card and send them packing (with wanderlust!). The card can also be redeemed on flights, pre/post accommodation and travel insurance, booked through Contiki.

After all, the best gift in life are experiences #noregrets.

What would you give up for travel?


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