The power of travel

Those who have travelled internationally are generally more positive about themselves, their place in the world and what they can achieve, according to Contiki.

The travel brand for young people recently set out to uncover the impact travel has on young travellers through an extensive research project, The Power of Travel.

They surveyed almost 3,000 millennials globally with 520 respondents from Australia aged 18-35 year olds, testing young travellers against their peers who had never travelled internationally.

Amongst a range of findings, the research uncovered that Aussie travellers are 62% more likely to be satisfied with their employment opportunities, 47% more likely to actively seek out new friendships, and 28% more likely to place a high value on open-mindedness, and confirms that travel positively enhances the lives of young people in a number of ways, including their careers, relationships, and self-belief.

The findings overwhelmingly prove that they have stronger interpersonal relationships and actively seek out new friendships, they’re more successful in their careers as they’re better equipped with more marketable skills such as flexible, open and out of the box thinking, and their increased trust of cultures other than their own lends them to be more globally and economically aware. Overall, they are 33% more likely to be happier than their peers who have not travelled internationally.

“Travel opens us up to new experiences and by connecting to others gives us the confidence to become better versions of ourselves” says Katrina Barry, Managing Director of Contiki Australia.

“The friendships you make over a 3am Gyros in Mykonos will be friendships that will stay with you for a lifetime, and the people you interact with and cultures you’re exposed to have a profound impact on your tolerance and understanding. Contiki’s unique social travel experience sets millennial travellers up to have better relationships with their friends, family and with their wider communities at home, through the skills they learn through their travel experiences.”


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