A single girl’s guide to Bali

I like to travel solo sometimes. To get lost by yourself, spend time with your own thoughts and simply just do what you want when you want to do it is one of the most liberating things.

Many of you ladies out there think it can’t be done, or may fear the solo trip. I say, pack yourself some hot heels, a nice summer dress and a sense of adventure, and book a trip to Bali by yourself. Don’t worry though; I have some helpful hints to set you on the right path.

Stay local

While a secluded location has its perks, it can also be a bit hard to get around if you are by yourself. So book a hotel that is close enough to the action you are seeking so you can easily walk, ride a bike or get a short ride. A lot of properties in Bali offer room types that still allow you to get away from the main part of the resort/hotel, but still be in close proximity to access local attractions, restaurants and bars. I recommend the Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa.

Book a driver

You may think forking out the money for a driver in Bali is a more expensive option than just jumping in a cab each time you need to go somewhere, but most of the drivers in Bali are ever so friendly and can soon become your personal tour guide. Negotiate a price for a few days and keep the same driver for the duration. You may even find they have some ideas of things to do and see that you didn’t even think of. I recommend Mully, who I have used many times on my visits to Bali.

Spoil yourself

Bali is one place where you can spoil yourself guilt free with massages and spa treatments galore. The prices are cheap and the treatment options are extensive. A few visits to the day spa on your trip will leave you feeling revived and invigorated. Many places do discounts for multiple visits or when you book bulk treatments, so take advantage of this.

Get cooking

Do a local cooking class. It is a great chance to really throw yourself into the culture and have a chat with the locals. There are many of places that offer cooking classes, ranging from a few hours to a full day experience including shopping for the local products. The best parts of this are you get to enjoy the meal after with your fellow students and can take your skills home as a unique souvenir and impress your family and friends with your newfound skills.

Bend and flex

Get your chi in balance and do a yoga class. These can be found all over Bali, with some resorts even being dedicated to yoga and spiritual balance. It is a great chance to really spend some time for yourself. From novice to expert, there are classes designed for everyone.

Kate Webster is a travel journalist – writer and photographer who travels the globe in search of vivid imagery and compelling stories that capture the essence of the places she visits. Born out of a life-long love of travel and fascination with the world around her, is Kate’s inspiration behind her writing and photography.